Using Computers To Track Your Personal Health And Fitness Goals

1381200470885If you’re looking to get in shape this year and you’re trying to find creative and helpful ways to stay on task and track your progress, then why not consider using a computer to maintain and reach your goals? There are so many benefits to using your computer for this purpose. It makes organization easy, it puts valuable information quickly at your fingertips, it calculates calories per activity per hour and tracks it automatically, and gives you access to all sorts of health information.

When determining what computer software or program to use (since there are a plethora out there), first take an inventory of your goals. Do you already have a fitness plan? Perhaps that plan already offers a computerized tracking software or tool. Or perhaps a third party has written a program to track progress for one of the many popular diet and exercise programs out there. If you don’t have a specific plan and you’re winging it on your own, then the benefits of using a computer are even greater to help you make sure you stick to your plan. It’s all too easy to get lazy and not follow up if tracking is so hard.

Some programs allow you to use your smartphone to track things like exercise and running. Other programs give you a pedometer in order to track these things. Personally I like to make things easier on myself, so I just use a smartphone app. There are some really creative smartphone apps out there. One of my favorites is Peer Pressure. Using the theory that you’ll be far more likely to stick to a goal if your friends can see your progress, this app will allow you to create goals and then post the results and your progress on a social media platform of your choice. Fleetly is another app that gives you more of a self invoked challenge by showing you dozens of cool metrics regarding how you’re progressing and what exercises or workouts you might want to consider next. For data-heads like myself this is one of my favorites.

If you don’t have a smartphone then you will just have to track the workouts and enter them into your PC or laptop by hand. But that’s not that hard. VidaOne Diet & Fitness is a very impressive tool that allows you to track all sorts of metrics regarding your health and fitness. It even tracks certain things about your wellness including energy and mood.

If your computer needs a bit of a tuneup in order for you to better use it to track your diet, then we suggest heading over to We Hate Malware for some maintenance tips. If you have a smoothly operating computer you’ll be much more inclined to use it to track your fitness.

All in all, using computers and smartphones to track your diet and exercise goals is one of the best new things that’s happened in technology and health. As long as you make a commitment to use it you will certainly see huge improvements in your health.

Using Technology To Make Your Life Easier

google-self-driving-carNo matter what disability you’re suffering from, the leaps and bounds in technological advancement these days can help make your life infinitely easier. The challenge lies in keeping yourself updated with the latest happenings. Reading magazines like Popular Science can be one great way to help stay abreast of all the new and cool things happening. Even just browsing the internet and staying on top of tech blogs is an excellent way to keep up to date on all the cool offerings in the world of tech.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest tech innovations that have helped people with all sorts of disabilities.

The DynaVox EyeMax system is an advanced input device that allows people to communicate using a special screen that takes input selections directly from a users eyes. It’s pretty amazing how this works. Basically the screen can track eye movements and allow the person to control the device using their eyes. This can help people with limited mobility quite a bit, and it can also help the disabled to develop advanced and upper level communication. It’s a very cool device that improves the quality of life for so many people already.

According to the company, most humans tend to talk about the same things, whether they are 4 or 40. The menu driven system in EyeMax enables users to open up menus for various scenes and situations. For example, there is a scene of a bedroom where users can select various objects in the room to talk about them more complexly. Communication to the outside world is also enabled in the form of internet access and even texting! It’s a great way for people with disabilities to participate in all the things that we tend to take for granted.

The Kapten PLUS Personal Navigation Device is a GPS type unit that a person wears that announces to the user the direction they are going and any other important navigational information they need to know. This is extremely helpful and could open up a whole new world for blind people to get around. This sort of technology was not available even 5 years ago, and it’s amazing to see just what can be done for people who are at a disadvantage. In fact, I almost want one of these for myself, and I’m not even blind! It’s a great way for blind people or people with vision impairment to check out new places and to break out of their usual routes.

And it’s no surprise that Google is getting their hands dirty in adaptive technology. The driverless car is already street legal in Nevada, and could be a huge boon to disabled persons that cannot drive themselves. It uses numerous inputs from cameras, sensors, map information from Google maps and street view, and more. It’s an amazing device that has grown in improvements in leaps and bounds since its inception a few years ago. What was once something of science fiction is now something of reality.